DRY50 sealing sheet

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DRY50 sealing sheet

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The DRY50 sealing system is completely glued with a thin layer of tile adhesive C2-S1 / S2.

Solves waterproofing for all types of roofs for terraces, balconies, showers and wet areas by installing on
Adhesive base of DRY50 sealing sheet without the need for special tools or products. It is very useful so no need
Disassemble the current waterproofing system or roof surface. Neither requires complicated preparation for the structure nor
Special products or tools.

To terraces, balconies, showers and wet areas

Sealing sheet

יריעת איטום

SKU Description Configuration
TB-11858 DRY50 30 Roll (36 square meters) 1.2X30 meters
TB-11858 DRY50 5 Roll (6 square meters) 1.2X5 meters
TB-11860 DRY50 450 Roll (45 square meters) 1.5X30 meters
TB-11861 DRY50 75 Roll (7.5 square meters) 1.5X5 meters


Water reinforcing corners for internal and external angles

 פינות חיזוק נגד מים לזוויות פנימיות וחיצוניות


SKU Description Configuration
544010793 DRY50 CORNERIN 2 parts per bag TB-11862
544010809 DRY50 CORNEROUT 2 parts per bag  TB-11863


Strap against water for connections

רצועה נגד מים לחיבורים

SKU Description Configuration
TB-11864 DRY50 BANDA 13X30 Roll 30 meters × 12.7 cm
TB-11865 DRY50 BANDA 13X5 Roll 5 meter × 12.7 cm
TB-11866 DRY50 BANDA 30X30 Roll 30 meters × 30 cm
TB-11867 DRY50 BANDA 30X30 Roll 5 meters × 30 cm